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Creator of Museum Gifts

For almost 60 years, Parastone has been successfully designing and distributing decorative sculptures, partly of a timeless classical beauty, partly in line with the prevailing trends. The Mouseion collection is the heart of our collection. In addition to truthful copies of important and well-known works of art, Mouseion also consists of three-dimensional interpretations of paintings and drawings by many artists, ranging from Hieronymus Bosch to Salvador Dali, from Degas to Gustav Klimt. Parastone also sells successful sculptures by designers such as Guillermo Forchino, Albert Dubout and Jacky Zegers in large parts of Europe.

Parastone can count some of the world’s most famous museums among its customers. The J. ©Paul Getty Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art, among others, also sell special commissioned sculptures. In addition to sculptures, Parastone also sells various gift items such as vases, paperweights and coasters.

Parastone sells exclusively to retailers and distributors all over the world. In the Benelux, France, England, Germany, Austria and Spain, Parastone delivers directly to the retail sector. Outside these countries, Parastone also uses distributors. On our website you can see in which stores you can obtain our products. Do you want to sell Parastone products in your store? Please contact


Parastone is a family business with a long history. The company was originally part of the renowned art dealership ‘Borzo’, founded in 1880. It was founded when the Italian Joseph Borzo settled in Den Bosch. Later the company was taken over by the van Rosmalen family. Within that company, Parastone specialized in restoring mainly ecclesiastical art. In addition, when more and more sculptures were produced to their own design, it was decided in 1963 to establish Parastone as an independent company. Parastone is located in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, a historic city in the south of the Netherlands, and the birthplace of the famous medieval painter Jheronimus Bosch.


Parastone stands for high-quality products. Our sculptures are made of stone and marble powder which is bound by means of synthetic resin.  This form of production ensures that the images have a solid and durable quality.

Parastone, a company with a long history

For almost 60 years now, Parastone has successfully designed decorative sculptures, partly of timeless classic beauty, partly aligned with current trends. The museum images entitled ‘Mouseion’ constitute an important part of the collection. Alongside exact copies of important works of art, Mouseion also consists of three-dimensional interpretations of paintings and sketches by many artists ranging from Jheronimus Bosch to Salvador Dali.

Moreover, in large parts of Europe, Parastone distributes successful series such as Forchino, Dubout and Jacky Zegers.

Parastone is located in ’s-Hertogenbosch, a historic city in the Netherlands and the birthplace of famous Medieval painter Jheronimus Bosch. Parastone supplies directly to retailers in the Benelux, France, England, Germany and Austria.

Parastone uses distributors elsewhere.

For sales outside the Benelux, France, England, Germany and Austria we kindly request that you contact our local distributor.