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11 / 09 / 2023
nieuws WEB SDA 46,47,48,49 LR.jpg

New Vases, Silhouette d’Art

-Klimt: Stoclet Frieze, the Tree of Life (1905). The symbolic tree of life is part of the decorative mosaic design in the dining room frieze of the 'Palais Stoclet' in Brussels.  -  Botticelli:  the Birth of Venus (approx. 1486). The story has it that Botticelli was in love with Simonetta, Nobleman Marco Vespucci’s wife, his entire life. It is her that Venus was based on. She died ten years before Botticelli who, at his own request, was buried at her feet in the church of Ognissanti.  -  Escher: Sky and Water (1938). After 1936, Eschers realistic style and subject matter changed profoundly, when he drew the first of his famous ‘impossible realities’. Fascinated by the majolica tiling in the Alhambra, he became obsessed by the ideas that form the basis of the regular division of the plane, such as the crystallographic principles of shifting, glide- reflection and rotation.  -  Beardsley: "Lady in long dress". At the age of seven Beardsley was diagnosed with tuberculosis, which many see as a possible explanation for his unbridled urge to express himself. Without any education in arts he developed his passionate style of drawing, averse to the social and political equalization, and not being socially engaged as many of his contemporaries.  (SDA46 Klimt - h. 28 cm. / Ø 12 cm., SDA47 Botticelli - h. 23.5 cm. / Ø 10 cm., SDA48 Escher - h. 27 cm. / Ø 10 cm., SDA49 Beardsley -  h. 25.5 cm. / Ø 10 cm.)

25 / 08 / 2023
JB32 nieuws.JPG

Man-eating fish

The gruesome hell is depicted on the right panel of the Haywain triptych. Under a bridge, over which the cursed souls meet their fate, a soul is eaten by a fish-like creature. The snake curling around the legs refers to sinful lust.

Hiëronymus, Jeroen for short, Bosch (ca. 1450 – 1516) was born during the transition from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, in the Duchy of Brabant. Bosch places visionary images in a hostile world full of mysticism, with the conviction that the human being , due to its own stupidity and sinfulness has become prey to the devil himself. (JB32 - h. 7 cm.)

14 / 07 / 2023
JZ 60-61 Nieuws.JPG

Lot & Mina, Jacky Zegers

On clogs with blue and white dotted design, dog Lot and cat Mina, named after the grandparents of Jacky Zegers. For Jacky, these figures represent self-evident love. Available together as a set or separately. (JZ61 dog Lot - h. 20,5 cm., JZ60 cat Mina - h. 19 cm.)

05 / 06 / 2023
Nieuws The London Taxi 7.jpg

Forchino, The London Taxi

The skies over London were overcast. A few raindrops started to fall over Kensington. Ten minutes later, they had turned into an absolute downpour. Seeing Georges, Margaret and their dog Dickens at the last minute, the driver of the black cab tried to brake, but one of his wheels went into an enormous pothole full of water and soaked them. “Where to, then?” asked the cabbie. (FO85089 – h. 14 cm.)

26 / 05 / 2023
Vitamitje LR nieuws.JPG

Spike and Suzy

Vitamitje is an invention of Professor Barabas in the comic series Spike and Suzy. It is a small car that runs on food (its name refers to vitamins).  (SW132 - h. 13 cm.)

04 / 05 / 2023
ijsberen zilver nieuws.jpg

L’ours blanc in silver color

Francois Pompon (1855 – 1933) was born in Saulieu in French Burgundy as the son of a carpenter. He attends classes at l’Ecole des Beaux Arts as well as at l’Ecole Nationale des Arts Décoratifs. During his education he meets Pierre-Louis Rouillard, a sculptor of animal figures – who possibly became a source of inspiration for the work which would make him famous later on. In 1882 he marries Berthe Velain and he tries to build his own oeuvre. He ends up taking service with Rodin where he becomes head of his studio three years later. Pompon starts to focus more and more on animal figures, but his work remains unappreciated. Not until he is 67 years old does he get his final breakthrough with the exhibition of l’Ours Blanc in plaster at the Salon des artistes Français. (POMS11 - h. 18 cm. & POMS01 - h. 11 cm.)

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