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Nubie (700 – 300 BC)
The fabulous amulet is a combination of: 1. the Ankh cross with open eye symbolising eternal life. The square medallion in the opening depicts the god Heh. 2. The Djed column with four horizontal bars, often associated with Osiris, the king of eternity and also seen as a symbol of stability. 3. The holy Was sceptre, depicted in relief on the column, with the head of the Set animal. The sceptre is the symbol of the god Set’s power over the chaos he can create as the god of thunder and storms. The amuliet was found near the holy table mountain Djebel Barkal in Nubia (northern Sudan). The area was added to the Egyptian empire around 1450 B.C. by Thutmosis III.

  • EG04

  • h. 10 cm.