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Corinthian Aryballos

(650-625 B.C.)

During the 7th century, Corinth developed its own style for the manufacture of pottery. The two preceding centuries had been dominated by Athen’s imposed, geometric style. Due to the resurgence of trade with areas to the east of Creece, an orientalised decor developed, characterised by the use of plant and animal motifs. During the Late Proto-Corinthian era, potters and decorators specialised in the manufacture of small Aryballoi or flasks for oil or perfume, which were easy to export. The basic shape of the owl, emblem of the Goddess Pallas Athena, was created using a mould. The sylised decoration reveals great professionalism and a sense of expression. A string can be run through the hole in the owl’s foot enabling the flask to be hung up. This also allowed it to be carried around its owner’s wrist at the bathhouse.

  • GRE03

  • h. 5 cm.