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Senenmut with princess

Neferoura, Thèbes (ca. 1475 BC) This beautiful statue dates back to the early 18th Dynasty, when Hatshepsut and her stepson Thutmosis III ruled the Egyptian empire. The legendary Senenmut was Hatshepsut’s highest public offical, confidant and perhaps also lover. He had served at court from the time her husband and half-brother Thutmosis II was still alive. Hatshepsut did not bear a son for her husband and so the throne went to one of the Pharaoh’s extramarital sons. After her husband’s death, Hatshepsut was appointed as regent for the Young Thutmosis III. Later one, she was also awarded the divine title of Pharaoh. This statue is viewed as one of the most beautiful. On the front of the statue, Senenemut had himself described as the princess’ principal mentor and protector. The right-hand side of the base states that the sculptyre is dedicated to the divine Hatshepsut. The left-hand side describes the god Amun by means of his seven most important characteristics. It is probable that the satue was located in the Amun district of the temple complex at Karnak.

  • EG02

  • h. 20 cm.