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The Kiss


Like the Thinker, The kiss is also taken from The Gates of Hell, Rodin’s opus magnus. Originally it was based on the figures Paolo and Frensesca from Dante’s inferno, who were convicted to Hell for eternity because they kissed each other after Francesca had married Paolo’s brother. Sensual but also radiating a certain and unconstrained love. In 1893, The Kiss was submitted to the World Coumbian Fair in Chicago, but the American authorities found the sculpture too provocative for public exhibition. It was erected in a private room to which there was only access by ‘special permission’. Perhaps due to the secret atmosphere, the exhibition was a great success and to this day The Kiss has remained one of the most popular of Rodin’s works.

  • PA02RO - Miniature

  • h. 10 cm. with brochure in luxury gift box